SDK Integration

Last updated on Apr 16, 2024

This guide details how to integrate the YaYa Wallet API into your application using our Software Development Kits (SDKs).

API Key and Secret

  • Log in to your YaYa Wallet account and navigate to your profile page.

  • Locate the API section and generate a new API key pair. This will provide you with both the API Key and API Secret.

  • Important: The API Secret is crucial for secure communication. Treat it like a password and store it securely. There's no way to recover a lost secret, so generate a new one if needed.

Choose Your SDK

  • YaYa Wallet offers SDKs in various programming languages to simplify integration with our API. These SDKs allow developers to programmatically interact with the YaYa Wallet platform for various functionalities.

    Available SDKs:

Next steps

Each SDK comes with comprehensive documentation to guide you through the integration process. Refer to the specific SDK documentation linked above for detailed instructions on using the YaYa Wallet SDK in your chosen language.